Allegiant Lost and Found Policy

Allegiant Lost and Found Policy

Allegiant Lost and Found Policy

Have you lost any of your belongings at the airport and require assistance from Allegiant Air? If that’s the case, there’s no need to worry. Allegiant lost and found policy allows you to contact the airline about their missing luggage anytime. However, the airline even pays compensation for delayed or damaged luggage. The airline is committed to assisting passengers in recovering their lost items as quickly as possible. Below are some guidelines to assist passengers in such situations. Dive into this blog to know what to do in such situations.

What is Allegiant Lost and Found Policy?

You can refer to the necessary insights into the Allegiant lost and found policy in case you lost or found anything while flying with Allegiant Airlines.

  • In case of missing or lost baggage, you must report immediately to the Allegiant airline department at the airport or online.
  • After reporting the missing baggage, you will get a File Reference number, and it is important to note the number for future reference regarding your missing baggage.
  • In case of missing, delayed, or damaged items, you must report to the airline authorities within 24 hours and seven days for international flights.
  • You can only track the status of your missing or lost bag through the file reference number.
  • When the missing bag is found, you must prove your ownership to claim your missing bag.
  • Search for Allegiant lost and found will be pr
  • The process of Allegiant lost and found the search will be done for 30 days (1 month). After that, you can claim your compensation.
  • The lost baggage found by the airline but if no one claims it, will be destroy, donate, or sold. However, any important documents such as visas, passports, or any documents will be sent to the U.S. Department of State.

How do I find Allegiant Air’s Lost and Found?

The lost and found Allegiant Air team makes every possible effort to find your lost baggage from the airport and flights. Here are some scenarios that can help you to acquire your missing item:

Lost Belongings At The Airport and Flight

In case if you lost any of your items at the airport, you can follow these guidelines to recover your lost items:

  • Firstly, you have to report your item to the Allegiant Airlines lost and found department if you miss any of your items at any place in the airport.
  • You will also have to fill out the Allegiant lost and found form. However, It will not complete the accessibility rules when you lose or leave any item at the airport.
  • Moreover, you must fill in specific information about your lost item in the form. Specific information such as color, size, and brand. Serial number or any unique feature.
  • Similarly, the airline selects the Chargeback to manage the lost and found items. Also, you will get a confirmation email with the tracking email and number from any third-party company that tracks your item.
  • However, you will get an email from the Chargeback with all the complete instructions for the procedure to get your lost item when found.
  • Additionally, the email sent by the Chargeback will also help you get compensation if they cannot find your lost item.
  • The Allegiant Lost and Found department is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to resolve your luggage issues.
  • Moreover, for further information or assistance, you can also contact Allegiant Airlines custom service number 1(833) 930-2006.

Lost Ticket

If you lost your flight ticket issued by the airline, you must immediately contact the reservation team to provide a copy of the ticket at the provided email or phone number.

Lost Currency

If Allegiant Air finds a lost item, such as a bag, wallet, or article of clothing at its ticket office, it secures any currency found inside the item and places a receipt beneath which the currency was found.

Note:Suppose you get your lost wallet, piece of clothing, or purse back, and then you will get it back with a receipt and a gift card with the same cost value as any traveler who has misplaced it.Moreover, you can get your gift card through the airline’s baggage claim department.

Lost Passport And Other Documents

If you miss your passport or any other document, you must report it to the passport office and the airline. The Allegiant lost and found team will help you recover your lost passport or any important document and hand it over to the local customer office or airport security.

What to Do If My Baggage Has been Damaged?

If your baggage is damaged, you must report it to the Allegiant airline authority within 24 hours. The airport representatives will evaluate the damage of your baggage, and if you are eligible for compensation, you will have to fill out the compensation claim form for the damaged baggage. However, you must ensure to submit the compensation form within 24 hours (for domestic flights) and one week (for international flights). Additionally, allegiant Lost and Found authority will not be responsible

for any of the following losses.

  • Normal tear, scratches, wear, soiling, and tiny scrapes.
  • In addition, damages resulting from cuts to the internal metal frames that run through the luggage material, which may cause tears or spills, as well as pull attachments or handle casings becoming detached from the frame or materials, are the manufacturer’s responsibility.
  •  Furthermore, torn seams, splits, punctures, and spills due to over-packing are all examples of damages caused by internal factors.

What Should We Do About Allegiant Airlines’ Delayed Luggage?

Allegiant Airlines ensures that your luggage delivery is on time once you arrive at your destination according to its baggage policy. However, you must contact the Allegiant lost and found department while still looking for your bag at the airport.

Then, the airline agent will provide you with a 13-character file reference number or

PIR (Property Irregularity Report).

Additionally, Allegiant does not assure that the baggage will fly with the passengers on the same aircraft due to any damage, delivery charges, late check-in, or consequential incurred due to the bag’s reaching the same aircraft as the customer.

Here are some of the guidelines you can follow to get your delayed baggage:

Baggage Delayed For 5+ Days.

Allegiant Airlines requires complete information to help you when your bag is lost for five days or more. Additionally, you will have to fill out a property questionnaire along with the 13-character file number. However, using the online contact form to send your claim information and the complete questionnaire is better. Also, add your details after selecting the “Delayed bag expense” from the “Subject” option.

Damage, Loss, Delay To Contents Inside The Baggage

If you experience any problems during a long-haul flight, you must know that the Montreal Convention may cover your claims. Additionally, Allegiant Airlines has a lost and found authority that prohibits certain items from being checked as baggage within the airport.

Note:the airline will not accept liability for loss, damage, or delayed items. The following items are prohibited from being checked:

  • Personal documents that are legally important, such as passports.
  • Medications, eyeglasses, and other assistive devices.
  • Natural fur products, heirlooms, and antiques.
  • Artwork, including paintings and other pieces.
  • Electronic devices, hardware, or other equipment.


If you have misplaced your luggage while traveling with Allegiant Airlines, you can reach out to Allegiant Airlines lost and found authority at the airport anytime to register your complaint. If you are absent at the airport, you can call the airline representative at 1(833) 930-2006 to share your concerns and problems. It is important to accurately provide all the necessary details to the authorities to expedite the process of retrieving your bag.

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What is the phone number for Allegiant Air lost and found?

You can contact Allegiant Air’s lost and found Customer Care team at (702) 505-8888 or Allegiant customer support Number (833) 930-2006 which is open 24/7.

What do airlines do with lost and found items?

Typically, airlines will pass the items over to the lost and found department at the arrival airport. The item will be kept for a 90-day holding period, after which it will be donated to charity or a place for sale – in some cases, the item will be destroyed if unclaimed after the holding period.

What to do if you lost something on a plane?

There are three primary operations to consider:

  • Contact the airline if you lose an item by the gate, on the plane, at the check-in counter, or in an airline lounge.
  • If you lose an item while going through security, talk to TSA.
  • If you need an item elsewhere in the airport, contact the airport.

Are airlines responsible for lost items?

Once an airline determines that your bag is lost, it is responsible for compensating you for its contents—subject to depreciation and maximum liability limits.

How long do airlines have to find lost luggage?

The exact number varies from airline to airline, but most give themselves between five and 14 days to track down a piece of luggage before declaring it lost, at which point passengers are entitled to reimbursement for lost items.

+1(833) 930-2006