Air Canada Seat Selection

Air Canada Seat Selection

Air Canada Seat Selection

Do you have an Air Canada flight reservation and want a specific aisle or window seat option? Do you constantly need to figure out where you will be seated on the plane? Set these worries aside by choosing the appropriate seat for yourself. Before applying for the seat selection process, you must check out the Air Canada Seat selection policy.

However, with the Air Canada seat selection policy, you can easily choose your seat for free or for a small fee. Additionally, you must book your seat in advance during or after booking a flight ticket. This blog delves into insights into Air Canada seat selection policy and related topics. To know the seat selection procedure, fee, etc., go through this blog till the end!

What is Air Canada Seat Selection Policy?

Here are some important insights from the Air Canada seat selection policy:

  • With Air Canada, you can select seats within 24 hours of departure at check-in if available.
  • However, advance seat selection is subject to a per-passenger fee.
  • Also, on codeshare flights, you cannot select your seats on Air Canada.
  • You can also select your seats through their official website before 2 hours of flight departure via the “My bookings” section.
  • You can also claim a refund from Air Canada if the airline changes your seat to a different one due to an involuntary or airport change.
  • Additionally, if you don’t board a flight, you pay the seat selection fee; in that case, you won’t lose the fee amount. However, you can use that amount while traveling with Air Canada if you keep the original booking.

How To Select Seats on Air Canada Flight?

Air Canada offers various ways to select your desired seat. However, to select your seat, you can easily do it using the following ways:

To select seats while booking tickets:

  1. Visit Air Canada’s official website.
  2. Enter your trip type, such as one-way, round trip, etc.
  3. Provide the necessary details such as arrival and departure destination, date of journey, etc.
  4. Hit the “search flights” option.
  5. Select the flight according to your requirements and suitability.
  6. Enter the other necessary details, such as the passenger’s name, age, etc.
  7. After entering the details, head to the “seat selection” option.
  8. From the seat map, select the seat according to your needs and wants.
  9. Complete the payment procedure.
  10. Lastly, you will get a confirmation mail with all the travel details.

To select seats after booking tickets:

  1. Firstly, head to the official website of Air Canada.
  2. Then go to the “My bookings” section.
  3. Enter the details like booking number and the passenger’s name.
  4. Your upcoming flight trips will appear on the screen.
  5. Select the flight for which you want to select the seats.
  6. Click on the “seat selection” option.
  7. From the seat map, select the seats according to your preference.
  8. Pay the seat selection charges, if applicable.
  9. Lastly, you will get a confirmation mail from the airline.

How Much is The Air Canada Seat Selection Fee?

If you wish to select your seat while traveling on Air Canada flights, you might need to pay Air Canada seat selection charges. However, the seat selection charges depend on your travel destination and the type of seat you want to select. To know the seat selection charges, you can refer to the below points:

  • The country’s regular seats, such as economy seats, can be between $20 to $100. However, seat selection charges range from $30 to $100 for flights to other countries.
  • If you want to select a standard seat for flights within the country, you might have to pay between $10 and $50. Also, for flights to other countries, you will have to pay $20 to $50.
  • If you want to choose Air Canada’s preferred seats, it will cost you around $17 to $299.
  • But, if you own premium economy or business class seats, you will not have to pay extra charges for seat selection.

Are There Other Ways to Choose Air Canada Seats?

Yes, you can easily select your seats for Air Canada flights using other methods. Air Canada allows you to select your seat while booking your flight. This option is easily available while checking in for the flight online, through their official website, app or at the airport kiosks. However, this method is least recommended as there are fewer chances of seat availability at the end moment.

Mostly, everyone prefers to choose their seats in advance when booking flight tickets or after that. Therefore, the later you select the seats, the less likely you are to get your desired seat.


Choosing the right seat for yourself on an Air Canada flight can greatly enhance your journey experience. By understanding the various seat selection methods, you can easily select the seat that best suits you according to your preferences and budget. Remember to choose your seats in advance, consider availability and prices, and take advantage of family seating and group booking options. With this comprehensive guide to Air Canada seat selection policy, you can embark on your travel journey confidently and comfortably, knowing that you have chosen the seat to make your flight more enjoyable and relaxing.

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Why can't I select my seat on Air Canada?

You can still purchase a Preferred seat for your Air Canada-operated flight. Just make sure you have your Air Canada booking reference. Call Air Canada Reservations for all other booking types, or contact the travel agent who handled your reservation. However, seat selection is not available on codeshare flights.

How does Air Canada seating work?

Choose your seat as you complete your booking. Within 24 hours of your flight: Check in online or on your mobile device, and choose from the remaining standard seats at no cost. Preferred seats can be purchased for a small fee.

Does Air Canada make you pay for seat selection?

Yes, Air Canada (AC) will charge $10 to $40 CAD per one-way segment for an advance seat assignment if you are traveling on a Tango fare within Canada and the U.S. However, seat selection within 24 hours of departure time is complimentary.

What does Air Canada's economy include?

You’ll enjoy complimentary wines, spirits, and meals on your next International Economy Class flight. Plus, you will have hours of on-demand entertainment: view cabin, meals, and onboard entertainment.

What happens if I skip seat selection?

If you book a flight and don’t choose specific seats, the airline will assign you a seat at check-in. Depending on the airline, you can select a seat online for free or for a fee. Some airlines may also assign you a seat at the gate.

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