American Airlines Change Flight Policy

American Airlines Change Flight

American Airlines Change Flight Policy

Planning a trip with our loved ones is always an exciting task. But what can you do when your plans get disturbed by unwanted and sudden events? Whether it’s an impromptu business meeting or an urgent family crisis, you can always rely on American Airlines Change Flight feature.

As the name itself suggests, American Change Flight is a tool that allows customers to make modifications to their flight tickets. Whether it’s the date, time, route, or destination, customers can easily make changes at a minimal cost.

So, you no longer need to cancel your plans and ticket because now you can postpone them for a suitable time. Now, without any further delay, read the following information thoroughly to understand how the American flight change policy works.

What is the American Flight Change Policy?

There are a number of reasons why sometimes our plans do not work out. But they will always work out. If you want to change your flight’s date or time, then please read the overview of the policy given below.

  • American Airlines does not charge any American change flight fee for short-haul and some long-haul flights.
  • Customers can make changes to their domestic as well as international flights free of cost.
  • However, customers who are holding a Basic Economy fare ticket are kept from making any changes in their flight.
  • Moreover, Basic Economy ticket holders are not eligible to get a refund either.
  • Customers can choose to stand by on an earlier flight, but this is applicable only on domestic flights.

Highlighted above are just a few key points of the American Airlines Change Flight feature. If you wish to know more or have a particular query, please contact American Airlines Customer Service. Speak to a live person at American Airlines by dialing 800-433-7300 or 1 (833) 930-2006.

Does American Airlines have a 24-hour Policy?

Like every other Airline, American Airlines also provides customers with a 24-hour policy regarding changing flights. Please read the points below to know the details.

  • Customers can make modifications to their flight free of cost in the first 24 hours of booking the ticket.
  • The 24-hour policy applies to all travel classes, destinations, routes, and tickets.
  • Before making the changes, please ensure the original and the flight you wish to select have the same destination.
  • The American Airlines Change Flight policy states that the customers are liable to pay the fare difference between the new and original flight tickets.
  • If the difference between the flight’s scheduled departure and the date of booking is less than the number of days seen, then the customer is liable to pay the change fee.

The 24-hour Policy by American Airlines is the perfect tool to change your flight details without paying a penny. However, you must make the changes within the given time frame, or else you must pay the American Airlines Change Flight Fee.

Can you change the A.A. flight on the same day?

Since life is unpredictable, it can throw at us some events that we cannot avoid at any cost. Therefore, American Airlines permits customers to change their flight on the same day as the departure date. To know the details of this policy, please read the points.

  • American Airlines passengers can only make changes to their domestic flight tickets.
  • To make same-day changes, you must complete the process by visiting the official A.A. website.
  • Additionally, you may also speak to a live person at American Airlines by calling the Reservations phone number or visiting the help desk at the airport.
  • Given below are the fares that are allowed to make same-day changes:
  1. Business or First Class ticket holders
  2. A co-passenger with the same booking
  3. Platinum Pro Elite Members
  4. Executive Platinum Members
  5. AirPass tickets
  • In urgent circumstances, customers can also request the Airline to allow them to be on standby.
  • The standby request can be made through the official website of the Airline or by the self-service kiosks available at the airport.
  • Please note that only trips within and between the U.S., U.S. Virgin Islands, the Caribbean, and Puerto Rico are eligible under this feature.

Can I change my American Airlines flight?

American Airlines ensures all passengers have a flexible booking experience and a comfortable in-flight one. However, some emergency events can make you almost miss your flight and lose all your money at once. To avoid this loss, A.A. provides customers with two methods to change flights.

  • Online Method
  • Offline Method

The detailed procedure for both methods is given below. Please read the step-by-step procedure and choose whichever method best suits you.

How can I change my A.A. flight online?

The procedure to change the flight details online is simple and general. Before you begin the change flight American process, please make sure you have a good internet connection and a laptop/computer. Now, let’s read the points below to change flight details online.

  • Firstly, visit the official website of American Airlines.
  • Secondly, access your trips by clicking on ‘My Trips.’
  • Thirdly, in the space given, enter the confirmation number and the last name of the passenger.
  • Now, click on submit and find your trip.
  • On the other hand, customers can also log in to their American AAdvantage account to find their upcoming flight details.
  • The toolbar on the top of the page will show two options – Change Trip & Cancel Trip.
  • Please click on Change Trip.
  • Now, continue the prompts that display on the screen.
  • Finish the change process by paying the change fee, if any.

Customers are requested to check their Email shortly after making the changes in their flight booking. This is because the Airline will send the updated details of your new ticket to your American Airlines registered Email. Keep the new flight details handy, and save them for when the boarding pass becomes available in the future.

How can I change my A.A. flight offline?

The offline method to change flight is the most widely used and traditional method. Customers only need to dial the official number of American Airlines customer service and make the request. To know the detailed step-by-step procedure, please read the following points.

  • Dial the official American Airlines Customer Service Phone Number 800-433-7300 or 1 (833) 930-2006.
  • Listen to the IVR instructions that are playing, and press the key assigned for Reservations.
  • Once an American Airlines executive receives the call, request them to make changes.
  • Please provide your original booking confirmation number, along with the last name of the passenger.
  • Now, provide the details of the change that you wish to make.
  • The agent will share the flights that are available as per your preference; you may select any one of them.
  • Once you have finalized your flight, please proceed toward the payment.
  • Choose your preferred method of payment, and make the payment.
  • Once the Airline receives your payment, you will get an email notification with the changes in your itinerary.

That’s it. The process of making changes offline is now complete. Since the American customer service change flight process is the most used method, you may sometimes find the call busy. Therefore, customers are advised not to call during peak hours. Moreover, keeping the original flight details handy will lead to a quick and hassle-free change flight process.

American Airlines Flight Change Fee

Every Airline charges a certain change fee to the customers for modifying their flight details. To know the change fee for your particular ticket, please refer to the A.A. charges given below.

  • A change fee between $75 and $150 is charged to the customers when they make changes to a short-haul international flight and a long-haul flight for basic economy tickets.
  • However, for other airfares, the change fee is as follows:
  • Domestic Travel: $200 change fee
  • International Travel: $300 change fee

However, it is still better to speak to a live person at American Airlines to know the exact amount of the change fee that you are liable to pay.

How can I change my American Airlines flight for free?

There are some circumstances that allow passengers to make changes in their flight details free of cost. However, these reasons are required to be proved by the passenger with valid documentation. These events include:

  • Injury or Illness: If any passenger falls ill or faces any injury that prohibits them from traveling, then they may be eligible for a change fee waiver. The customer must provide valid documents, like doctor’s prescriptions or medical reports, to the Airline before the scheduled flight departure.
  • Death in the family: In the unfortunate event of the sudden passing of an immediate family member or co-passenger, the customer can get a fee waiver. Similar to the above-mentioned scenario, customers must provide documented proof, like a death certificate, before the scheduled departure.
  • Military Orders: If any military order prohibits the customer from flying on the dates that they have planned, they can modify their booking without paying any change fee.

Please note that providing valid documents stating the reason for the fee waiver request is mandatory. Moreover, once the fee is waive, the Airline provides travel credit to the customer for the same ticket amount. However, the customer must use the travel credit within one year of the original reservation.


Life is always uncertain; therefore, it’s essential to be prepared for sudden, unwanted events. If you want to make changes to your flight, then feel free to trust the American Airlines Change Flight process. Please read the above-mentioned information properly to make sure everything is clear during the change process. For more questions, please talk to a live person at American Airlines by dialing their customer service phone number 800-433-7300 or 1 (833) 930-2006.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change my A.A. flight time?

The American Airlines Change Flight policy allows customers to make changes in their flight booking through two methods. The online method requires visiting the official A.A. website, and the offline method includes calling customer service.

Can I change the A.A. flight that I booked through a third party?

Yes. However, you must pay some change fee per person if you have made bookings through another website or travel agency.

How can I modify my A.A. flight without paying any fees?

Customers can use the 24-hour change policy offered by American Airlines, which allows customers to make changes free of cost. Additionally, if you are changing your flight due to illness, injury, military orders, or the sudden demise of an immediate family member, then you may get your change fee waived.

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