British Airways Change Flight Policy

British Airways Change Flight

British Airways Change Flight Policy

Making travel plans, booking tickets, and planning itineraries is always fun. But what about the times when some unavoidable circumstances clash with our plans? Don’t worry because British Airways Change Flight is here to save the day!

British Airways understands that sometimes there are some life events that force us to alter our plans. Therefore, the airline allows passengers to modify their flight details, such as date, time, route, and more.

As you read the article till the end, you will learn about how the British Airways flight change policy works, the detailed procedure for modifying flight details, and more. In case you face any confusion, please contact a live person at British Airways by calling 1 (800) 247-9297 or 1 (833) 930-2006.

What is the British Airways Flight Change Policy?

The British Airways Change Flight policy allows passengers to make modifications to their flight details. Whether it’s a sudden business meeting or the unfortunate passing of a loved one, read the points given below to get an understanding of the policy.

  • Passengers can make changes to their flight date up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure.
  • The airline does not charge the passengers with any change fee for a date.
  • However, if your new flight’s fare is more than the previous flight’s fare, then you are liable to pay the fare difference.
  • If any passenger wishes to change their destination, then British Airways allows passengers to do so.
  • Customers can visit the official British Airways website to change their destination.
  • Moreover, customers do not need to pay any change fee.
  • Customers can change their British Airways flight by visiting the official website, calling customer service, or by visiting the ticketing office.
  • The policy states that if any passenger makes last-minute changes, then they may have to pay some change fee.
  • However, if you make the change request in advance, then no change fee is required.
  • To make the above-discussed changes to your flight, make sure your ticket was purchased through the British Airways website, sales office, or customer service.
  • If you booked your ticket through a third party, then contact them to make changes to your travel plan.
  • If the airline cancels the flight, then the passenger has the right to cancel their ticket and receive a full refund for the ticket amount.
  • The British Airways Change Flight policy is applicable to all tickets, including the non-refundable ones.
  • If you are stuck and want to talk to a human at British Airways, call 1 (800) 247-9297 or 1 (833) 930-2006.

Same Day Flight Change

Sometimes, there are such urgent events that clash suddenly with our pre-planned trips. In such cases, customers can opt for the Same-day flight change by British Airways. This policy allows customers to make changes to their flight details on the day of departure. However, since these are last-minute changes, the terms and conditions for this policy differ. Read the points given below to get a brief overview of the same-day policy.

  • Passengers planning to make same-day changes must do so at least one year prior to the departure time.
  • No passenger is allowed to make changes within one hour of the flight departure.
  • If you have already completed the check-in process, then you are not allowed to board an early flight on the same day.
  • Whichever flight the passenger rebooks must have the same routes, destination, and sources.
  • If you are making a short-distance flight change, then the airline may apply a fee waiver on your flight change fee.
  • However, in the case of long-haul flights, the airline may charge you some same-day flight change fee.
  • Despite the change fee waiver, the passenger is liable to pay the fare difference between the new and original flight.

To know the amount of change fee you’re liable to pay, please read the article till the end.

British Airways Airways Flight Change 24-hour Policy

The 24-Hour British Airways Change Flight is a policy that allows customers to make changes in their flight, free of cost, for the first 24 hours of booking. Let’s read the policy’s key highlights.

  • The 24-hour Flight Change Policy by British Airways is applicable for all types of fares.
  • This policy allows customers to make changes in their flight details free of cost within 24 hours of booking the ticket.
  • This policy is the best for those customers who may have made a mistake while booking their ticket, like incorrect date or name spelling.
  • If you want to speak to a British Airways executive, then please call 1 (800) 247-9297 or 1 (833) 930-2006.

British Airways Change Flight Fee

Every service comes at a price, and in the case of British Airways’ change flight, the airline charges a certain change fee to the customers. It is essential for the customers to be aware of the change fee before they make the changes to their flight details.

The exact amount of change fee that a customer is liable to pay depends on the type of ticket that they hold. Therefore, it is recommended to all customers to check with the airline about their change fee before making the modifications.

As discussed earlier, the passenger is liable to pay the difference in fares between the original and the new flight that they booked. So, the change fee that you are liable to pay is in addition to the fare difference that you are liable to pay.

Please note the following points that are applied to the flight change fee:

  • The change fee and the fare difference paid by any customer depend on their destination, time of change, fare class, and more such criteria.
  • For example, if any customer changes a long-haul flight as compared to a short-haul flight, the change fee is higher.
  • British Airways also offers fee waivers and other flexibilities to customers if their reason for modifying their flight is severe enough.
  • For example, health issues, sudden demise of a family member, military orders, and more.

What are the ways to change flights to British Airways?

To ensure flexibility and comfort to the customers, British Airways offers various methods to change flights. Given below are some methods through which customers can successfully change their flights. Please go through these procedures and choose whichever is the most convenient one.

  • British Airways Mobile App: No matter where you are, you can easily change your British Airways flight with this method. In a world where everyone owns a smartphone and has access to the internet, the mobile app method makes modifications easier for all.
  • British Airways Phone Number: British Airways customer service change flight method is the most traditional method of all times. This method is convenient and simple, as all you need to do is call the British Airways customer service phone number.
  • Visit the Airport Counter: British Airways representatives are available 24/7 to assist customers with a query or request. Hence, the passengers can simply visit the Airport counter of the airline and request them to make the required changes to their flight.

Now that you know all the methods of British Airways’ change flight, select any of these and proceed to modify. To make the process even simpler for you, the detailed step-by-step instructions for all three methods are given in the following section.


  • Firstly, visit the official website of British Airways.
  • Secondly, go on ‘Manage My Bookings’ and click on ‘My Trips’.
  • Enter the last name of the passenger and the confirmation number.
  • Once you have access to your bookings, select the flight you want to make changes to.
  • Now, you will see two options – Cancel Flight and Change Flight.
  • Click on the Change Flight option.
  • Then, enter the changes that you wish to make to the selected booking.
  • Have a look at the available flights and choose whichever suits your budget and itinerary.
  • Proceed to the booking section and select your preferred method of payment.
  • Make the payment and wait for an email confirmation stating the changes you have made.
  • Finally, your British Airways Change Flight request is complete.

Phone Number

  • Dial the official British Airways Customer Service phone number 1 (800) 247-9297 or 1 (833) 930-2006.
  • Listen to the IVR instructions and then press the key assigned for flight change.
  • A British Airways representative will answer your call shortly, and then you can explain your query to them.
  • Please provide your current flight details to the representative, including the date of travel, flight confirmation number, last name, and more.
  • Then, provide the flight change details that you wish to make.
  • Now, from the options available, choose a flight that best suits your plans.
  • Once all the changes are made, select a payment method.
  • Make the payment for your flight change successfully.
  • You will receive your updated itinerary at your registered email address.

Since the offline method is used by many people, you may find that the customer service line is busy. Therefore, customers are recommended to call during off-hours so that they can get their flight changed easily. Moreover, it is better to keep the flight details handy to ensure a quick and hassle-free change process.

Change Flight at the Airport

If visiting the airport is possible for you, then you may also consider this method of flight change.

  • Reach the airport and ask a representative to direct you to the British Airways counter.
  • Explain your query to the airline representative.
  • Provide all the necessary flight details, such as origin, destination, date of travel, confirmation number, and more.
  • Then, provide the changes you wish to make to your existing flight booking.
  • Allow some time for the agent while they look for the flights that are available as per your preference.
  • Select a flight from the options given, and proceed towards the booking.
  • Check the fare price and change fee, if any.
  • Then, choose a payment method and make the payment successfully.
  • You will receive your updated flight details in your registered email.

How do you change British Airways flights for free?

The best way to avoid paying change fees is by following the 24-hour change flight policy. If you make changes to your flight within 24 hours of booking the ticket, then you don’t need to pay any change fee.


There are some events in everyone’s life that we cannot say no to. But when these unavoidable events clash with our travel plans, the scenario becomes quite stressful. Therefore, to ensure easy and hassle-free flight changes, British Airways provides all customers with some simple methods to change their flight’s date, destination, time, and more. To know more, contact British Airways Customer Service at 1 (800) 247-9297 or 1 (833) 930-2006.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the date of my British Airways flight?

Yes. By using the British Airways Change Flight Policy, customers can easily make changes to their flight details. To know the policy in detail, please read the first section of the information given above.

Does British Airways charge a change fee?

Yes. Like every airline, there is some change fee that you are liable to pay when you change your flight details. However, the change fee majorly depends on the time of flight change, destination, and more.

How can I contact British Airways for a flight change?

If you want to change your flight details, you can choose any of the following options.

  • Change through website
  • At the airport
  • By calling Customer Service phone number 1 (800) 247-9297 or 1 (833) 930-2006.

+1(833) 930-2006