Hawaiian Airlines Missed Flight Policy

Hawaiian Airlines Missed Flight

Hawaiian Airlines Missed Flight Policy

Missing a flight is a common issue among passengers. From last-minute plan changes to unavoidable circumstances, any reason can be due to which passengers fail to board the flight. What matters afterward is that you should know what to do next. Without any knowledge of the airline’s policy, you might not be able to reach your destination or be unable to compensate, which can be a huge loss of money depending on the flight ticket price. Considering the consistent number of cases of flight miss, airlines have now introduced some regulations. Through this passengers can easily reschedule for their missed flight, even at a discounted price. Regulations of one such airline that we are going to discuss here is Hawaiian Airlines. So read this blog post till the end to get more insights on what to do in case of a Hawaiian Airlines Missed Flight.

What Happens If You Miss A Hawaiian Airlines Flight?

There is no need to worry in case of a Hawaiian Missed flight. Airlines encounter cases of missed flights on a daily basis. So, the first thing that passengers need to do is connect with the customer service helpdesk. Explain to them your issue and ask to reschedule your flight. Along with that, you can even ask for a refund on your refund. However, certain terms and conditions are applicable in asking for a refund, or Hawaiian Airlines missed flight fees. Following are the guidelines under Hawaiian Airlines Missed flight Policy:

  • Passengers can apply for a refund in case of a Hawaiian Missed flight. Condition is that they have a valid reason for why they missed their flight.
  • A change fee or Hawaiian Airlines Missed Flight fees will be applicable when the passenger flight is rescheduled on another flight.
  • Whether the next rescheduled flight is free or you have to pay will depend on the reason you have given in support of the Hawaiian flight miss.
  • In case of a flight delay or cancellation, airlines can offers free rebooking to the passengers.
  • The airlines has the right to charge extra in case the passenger misses their flight due to unavoidable circumstances.
  • In case the passengers miss a connecting flight, then the same regulations will be applicable. However, in case the flight has been missed by the passengers due to irregular operations of the airlines, like delay in the delivery carriage, then the airline authorities will be responsible for making further arrangements.

What is Hawaiian Airlines Delay Policy?

While one case is there when passengers miss the flight, another scenario common among the airlines is the flight delay. While flight delay is the Airline’s responsibility, passengers can apply either for a refund, compensation, or any other complimentary service. All these details come in the Hawaiian Airlines Flight Delay Policy, under which the following terms and conditions are applicable:

How Do I Get a Refund for the missed Hawaiian flight?

Refund status for a Hawaiian Airlines Missed flight depends on the reason why the passengers have missed their flight in the first place. In case the flight has been missed due to delay or cancellation of their current flight, then the passengers are entitled for a refund. Or a free rebooking will be offered to the passengers in the same travel class of the next immediate flight. Passengers can also apply for a refund. However, they need to submit a valid reason for their flight that has been accepted by the airlines.

Passengers need to connect with Hawaiian Airlines customer service in order to apply for a refund. Different means available for them to connect with the airlines include helpline numbers, Live chat, email, or the helpdesk present at the airport.

Can I claim compensation for a No-show flight with Hawaiian Airlines?

Flight miss and “No-Show” are two different scenarios. In the case of a missed Hawaiian flight, passengers have informed the authorities about their flight miss. Afterwards, they need to proceed further to reschedule for the next flight. Also, they need to apply for a refund on the Hawaiian Missed Flight. On the other hand, a passenger is declared as a No-Show in case they are unable to board the flight, and no notification has been given to the airline regarding their absence. Therefore, the No Show Policy by Hawaiian Airlines does not allow any passenger to claim any compensation.

Therefore, it is advisable to the passengers to inform the airline authorities about their absence. In this case, they can ask the airlines for rescheduling. Through this, the airlines can offer the flight seat that will be vacant due to absence to other stand-by passengers.

Passengers cannot claim any type of compensation if they fail to inform the airport authorities of their absence from the scheduled flight.

Do Hawaiian Airlines charge for missed flights?

Hawaiian Airlines or any other airline holds the right to charge an additional amount of fee while rescheduling their flight in case of a Hawaiian Missed Flight. Whatever charges airlines are imposing as Hawaiian Airlines missed flight Fees, will be within the range of USD 50-200. These additional charges will depend on various factors like flight details, travel class, reason for flight miss, and many others.


Hawaiian Airlines offers an amenity to reschedule the passenger’s flight in case they miss their current flight itinerary. Passengers can also apply for a refund or can get a free rebooking on the next available flight. However, they should be able to show a genuine reason why they have missed their flight. In case of a flight delay, passengers can apply for a refund and various other amenities. Passengers should keep in mind that it is necessary for them to inform the authorities about their absence; otherwise, all remaining itineraries of the flight will be cancelled.

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What happens if I accidentally miss my Hawaiian Flight?

In case you miss your flight, then there is nothing to worry about. All you need to do is connect with customer services and request them to reschedule for the next available flight.

How do I ask the Hawaiian Airlines for compensation?

The Hawaiian flight offers compensation in case of a flight delay or rebooking to the next available flight. However, compensation will be offered if the delay is more than 2 hours from the scheduled arrival.

What can I do in case of a Hawaiian Missed Flight?

You can request the airline’s authorities to make a booking for the next flight available flight. Also, you can apply for a refund or a free rebooking in case you have a valid reason for a flight miss.

What happens if you don't cancel your flight and do not show up?

In case you do not cancel your flight and do not show up without giving any notification to the authorities regarding the same, then the airlines will cancel your flight along with the remaining itineraries in the flight bookings.

What happens if you miss one leg of a flight?

In case you miss one part of a connecting flight, then you need to inform the airline. If, anyhow, the airlines are responsible for the flight miss due to irregular operations delaying carriage delivery, then they will offer for further arrangements.

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