Japan Airlines Seat Selection

Japan Airlines Seat Selection

Japan Airlines Seat Selection

Do you have a travel plan with Japan Airlines? If you are looking forward to a comfortable and smooth journey, choose your preferred seat. But are you wondering about the “Japan airline seat selection policy”? In that case, don’t stress. Whether you are a traveller or embarking on your first adventure with this renowned carrier, choosing the right seat can make all the difference.

Japan Airlines offers a special experience in the air regardless of where you are flying. So, Get ready to elevate your travel experience with our expert tips and insights. To know more about the Japan Airlines seat selection policy and other details, dive into this blog to explore the ins and outs of selecting your preferred spot onboard.

What is Japan Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

Before choosing your seat, you must know Japan Airlines seat selection policy to avoid hassle. Let’s take a look at the seat selection policy in detail below:

  • Passengers with all class categories, such as First class, Business class, Economy class, and Premium Economy class with the normal or discounted fare, can select their preferred seats.
  • Moreover, you can select a seat at Japan Airlines for free if you are holding award tickets.
  • Besides, there might be limited seats to the fare type, needed award tickets, and the place from where the flight is booked. However, you might not get your preferred seat due to unavailable preferred seats.
  • In addition, there are some situations when seat selection is unavailable, for example, if all seats for advance selection are booked and for the Deutsche Bahn rail segment.
  • Apart from this, you might need to pay extra charges if you are willing to book a seat with additional legroom.
  • According to the Japan Airlines seat selection policy, you might need to pay additional charges for seat selection if you have tickets for economy class.
  • In addition, if you have a membership of JGC Premier, JMD Diamond, JMB Crystal, One World Tier Stats, JMB Sapphire, or JAL Global Club, Then you can book the extra legroom seat for free.

What are The Terms and Conditions for JAL Seat Selection?

Here are some other terms and conditions for Japan Airlines seat selection policy:

  • If you want to select your seat for free, you need to reserve your preferred seat when the check-in opens 24 hours before the departure.
  • If you have decided to leave the seat on Japan Airlines for selection on your behalf and are not
  • If you are satisfied with the seat allotted, you can pay extra and select the seat of your choice.
  • If you are a special member and frequent traveler with Japan Airlines, you may Check their seat selection details.
  • Additionally, you can connect to the Japan Airlines customer service team to reserve a seat with additional seats to accompany passengers flying with status members.
  • Similarly, if you booked a flight with class Y, you can also book your extra legroom seat without paying any hidden charges.
  • Also, the seats of emergency exit rows are limited to the passengers satisfying each situation.
  • On the other hand, exit row seats can be re-booked on the day of flight departure without a refund unless you follow the safety rules.

How Do I Select My Seats on Japan Airlines?

Passengers may proceed with selecting Japan Airlines seats when booking the

flight tickets. They also have the option to select the seat at check-in or proceed with the advanced seat selection option. To know about the various ways to select seats on Japan Airlines are as follows:

How Do I Select My Seats on Japan Airlines Via The Website:

According to Japan Airlines seat selection policy, you can select your seats via the website. However, to select your seats via Japan Airlines official website, follow the guidelines below:

  1. Visit Japan Airlines’ official website.
  2. Head to the “View my reservation” option.
  3. Under View My Reservation, you can go to the option My Reservations.
  4. Enter the reservation number, date of departure, first name, and last name, and click on the tab view my reservation.
  5. Doing this will give you a list of Japan Airlines flights you have booked.
  6. From there, choose the flights you wish to reserve a seat on.
  7. There, you will get to see all flight segments, and from there, you can select a seat for all Japan Airlines flights under the same reservation by clicking on the seat assignment link.
  8. Now, you can select the seat highlighted with green and ensure you agree to the terms and conditions of Japan Airlines seat selection.

How Do I Select My Seats on Japan Airlines Via Phone:

If you need help selecting your seats online, speak to a live representative at Japan Airlines. However, to select seats through the ticket counter, follow the steps below:

  • Dial the Japan Airlines reservation department phone number 1-800-JAL-FONE (1-800-525-3663).
  • Choose the preferred language from the instructions on your phone.
  • You can now go ahead with the options that connect you with the reservation department.
  • Once connected, you can ask the representative to reserve a seat.

So this is how you can select your seat on Japan Airlines. If you book your ticket via any third-party travel agent, you can also speak to them to reserve the seat. After reserving your seat, you can change or select seats on JAL by visiting the “Manage booking” section online.

Does Japan Airlines Charge for Seat Selection?

Seat selection helps you to reserve seats of your choice. There are some seats available for free for some time and before departure. Japan Airlines provides both free and paid services. You can check for the seat by clicking the seat number on the Japan Airlines reservation details screen website. If it’s a paid service, it will display “paid seat.”

  • The front-row seat, which consists of extra legroom, is available through the paid service.
  • You can search for the free-based seat marked ☆ on the seat map, and they are limited in number.

However, for better insights, you can check out the below table:

Route Canada sale Japan sale Other countries
North America/ Europe 100 CAD 10,000 JPY $100 USD
Southeast Asia/ Japan 60 CAD 6,000 JPY $60 USD
Manila/ Japan 40 CAD 4,000 JPY $40 USD

What are The Benefits of Japan Airlines Seat Selection?

The seat assignment on Japan Airlines comes with multiple advantages. Some of them are as follows:

  • Comfortable Journey: You can select a seat that suits you and is comfortable. Moreover, you can choose extra legroom/window/ and aisle seats.
  • Fly Together: Advance seat selection lets you sit together when traveling with your family, friends, or loved ones.
  • Peace of mind: You will not need to stress when you already know that you have made a Japan Airlines advance seat selection.

Note: You may choose a seat during Online check-in when you have purchased a package tour. You cannot select a seat on the Booking details screen.


Japan Airlines’ seat selection policy allows you to enjoy the flexibility to select your preferred seats for a comfortable journey. The above content can help you with the seat selection process and related queries. However, you can contact the airline representatives when you need help seating on Japan Airlines.

You can also clear all your doubts through the official website/call the airline directly through its toll-free number 1 (800) 525-3663, which is available 24/7.

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Why can't I choose my seat on Japan Airlines?

If you cannot select a seat in advance, please try again 48 hours before the scheduled departure time. You may also select your seats at the Self Service Check-in and Ticketing Kiosk or at the airport check-in counter at least 15 minutes before your flight’s scheduled departure time.

How do I choose my seat after booking a flight?

To choose your seat after booking a flight, you can head to their official website under the “manage my booking” section to select your preferred seat. Additionally, you can select your seat at check-in as well.

What does a paid seat mean on Japan Airlines?

Front-row seats with extra legroom are available through a paid advance seat selection service. Enjoy an even more relaxing flight experience with a seat with extra legroom. Paid seats can be selected from exit row and bulkhead seats when available.

Can I choose seats in economy class?

Seat selection is available to passengers traveling on JAL First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy Class, or Economy Class with normal or discount fares for individual passengers. Seat selection is also available to passengers using award tickets.

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