JetBlue Airlines Missed Flight Policy

JetBlue Airlines Missed Flight

JetBlue Airlines Missed Flight Policy

There are a number of reasons why passengers sometimes miss their scheduled flight. Sometimes it is because there is a lot of traffic, and sometimes a sudden illness. Either way, in such circumstances, there is no other option than to miss the flight. But a piece of good news for all the passengers is the commencement of the JetBlue Airlines Missed Flight feature.

As the name itself suggests, JetBlue has made an effort to help people save their hard-earned money, even when they miss their flight. It is important to note that passengers may sometimes miss their flight because of the airline’s fault as well. Therefore, to know how JetBlue’s missed flight policy works, read this article till the end.

JetBlue Missed Flight Policy Overview

Before you begin to take any action against your JetBlue Missed Flight, you must first understand how the policy works. Below are some ground rules that every passenger must know if they have missed their JetBlue flight. So, without any further delay, let’s start reading.

  • If any passenger misses their flight, they may avail the 2-hour policy by JetBlue.
  • In the 2-hour policy, the passenger can get on a standby flight if it is available within 2 hours of reaching the airport.
  • Any passenger who wishes to rebook their JetBlue flight needs to pay the rebooking fee.
  • The JetBlue Airlines Missed Flight Policy states that the airline may waive the rebooking fee in case of medical emergencies.
  • However, the airline requires valid documented proof of the illness.
  • If any customer is sure that they will miss their flight, then it is beneficial for the customer to inform the airline in advance.
  • Passengers also have the choice to request same-day changes in flight schedules if they miss their flight.
  • The rebooking cost or missed flight fee depends on various factors.
  • These factors include where you’re going, the reason for reaching the airport late, and fare type.
  • Customers can claim compensation from the airline if the reason for delay or cancellation is JetBlue’s fault.
  • Lastly, if you missed your flight due to JetBlue’s fault, then you may claim compensation from the airline.

The above-mentioned points provide a brief of the terms and conditions that are associated with the policy. If you wish to know the jetBlue Airlines Missed Flight Policy further, then please speak to a live person at Jetblue.

What is the standby flight feature by JetBlue?

Sometimes, no matter how planned you are, there are still some unavoidable circumstances that force you to miss your flight. Whether it’s a sudden, unfortunate demise of a loved one or a business meeting that went on for longer than expected, you are bound to miss your flight. The standby policy by JetBlue is for people who miss their flight unwillingly. However, there are some conditions that guide the standby policy, which are:

  • JetBlue does not guarantee a standby flight, as it depends on availability.
  • This means that standby will depend on how many flights are flying to the same destination on the same day and if there are seats available.
  • If there are no seats left on the standby flight, then the airline will not accommodate you.
  • A fee of approximately USD 75 is the cost of reserving a seat on a supplementary flight.
  • However, the fee can depend on the cost of your initial booking.

JetBlue No Show Policy Explained

As the name suggests, the No Show feature by JetBlue refers to any passenger who fails to show up at the airport in time and does not inform the airlines either. The No-Show policy by JetBlue is different for refundable and non-refundable tickets; therefore, it is recommended that you read the points given below.

Non-Refundable Tickets: No Show Policy

  • Any passenger who is unable to reach the airport in time must cancel their JetBlue flight ticket.
  • The airline holds the right to forfeit the entire ticket amount in such cases.
  • If the passenger informs the airline well in advance, then they can avail of the JetBlue missed flight refund.
  • The airline will either refund the amount as flight credit or bank transfer.
  • In case any passenger has made tickets using ARC, they may choose to get their ticket refund in the MCO minus form.
  • However, in such circumstances, some JetBlue Cancellation Fees may apply.
  • If any passenger has booked their tickets with the help of a travel agency, then they must contact the agency itself for cancellation or rebooking.

Refundable Tickets: No Show Policy

  • Customers will receive the refund in the original payment mode if they cancel the ticket at least one hour prior to the flight’s scheduled departure.
  • If you did not cancel your flight ticket and missed your flight, you will be considered a No-Show.
  • However, you will receive the refund in your JetBlue bank credit, which you can use for future bookings.
  • If any customer wishes to receive a refund in the original payment mode instead of JetBlue bank credit, then they must pay a fee of USD 50.
  • Any customer who made a refundable booking through a travel agent is eligible for refunds.

JetBlue Rebooking Policy

If the airline is unable to put you on a standby flight, then the only option left for you is to rebook. You can do so on the same day; however, there are some conditions that you cannot break.

  • If you want to rebook your JetBlue missed flight, then you must cancel your existing ticket first.
  • Moreover, the reason why you are canceling your flight ticket plays a major role as well.
  • If you had to miss your JetBlue flight due to medical reasons or legal issues, then you can rebook your flight easily.
  • JetBlue charges a certain rebooking fee to the customer, which may range anywhere between USD 75 and USD 100.
  • Business Class usually does not allow refunds.

How to rebook a JetBlue flight?

To ensure simple and hassle-free rebooking, JetBlue provides customers with both online and offline methods. The online method requires visiting the official website of JetBlue Airlines, while the offline method is the most traditional one. The detailed step-by-step procedures for both methods are given below. Please read them carefully and choose whichever best suits your convenience.

Rebooking Via the Official Website

In a world where everyone and everything is accessible on the internet, JetBlue’s rebooking feature is, too. This is one of the easiest methods to follow, as you only require a laptop and a good internet connection to rebook your flight. So, start reading the steps given below, and rebook today!

  • Firstly, visit JetBlue Airways’ official website on your preferred web browser.
  • Secondly, look for the ‘Book flights’ section.
  • Thirdly, enter details such as your last name and your confirmation number to access your booking.
  • Select the flight that you wish to rebook after looking at the available flights.
  • Move towards the payment option and make the payment.
  • Finally, you will receive your updated flight tickets on your JetBlue registered email address or phone number.

Many people choose to rebook their flight tickets using this online method because they can access it from anywhere in the world. This method is easy, quick, and does not require any assistance. However, if the online method is not feasible for any customer, they may follow the offline method given below.

Rebooking Via Phone Number

The offline method is the most widely used method of rebooking flights because it is convenient and hassle-free. People who need to become more familiar with the internet and technology usually prefer this method of rebooking. Given below are the steps to rebook a ticket through the offline method.

  • Dial the official customer service phone number of JetBlue Airways: 1 (800) 538-2583 or 1(833) 930-2006.
  • Listen to the IVR instructions carefully, and press the key assigned for rebooking tickets.
  • A Jetblue representative will answer your call shortly.
  • Explain your query to the representative, and provide your last name and booking confirmation number.
  • Once the representative has access to your booking, request them to cancel the reservation and rebook a new one.
  • Please provide all the required details to the representative, like preferred time, date, and more.
  • From the options available, select a flight that best suits your itinerary and move towards the payment option.
  • Select your choice of payment method and make the payment.
  • Finally, you will receive your updated tickets at the email address or phone number that you have provided to JetBlue.

By following just these simple steps, you can easily rebook your JetBlue tickets. However, since the offline method is the most widely used one, you may sometimes find the line busy due to heavy demand. Therefore, it is recommended to call JetBlue customer service during off-hours and keep all the relevant information handy to avoid wasting time.


Missing a flight is a very stressful situation, but sometimes, there are some unavoidable events that take place in our lives. JetBlue Airways understands this concern and has therefore introduced JetBlue Airlines Missed Flight Policy. If you wish to know more about this policy, then please feel free to get in touch with a human at JetBlue. The official JetBlue customer service phone number, 1 (800) 538-2583 or 1(833) 930-2006, is available 24*7 for all customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you rebook a canceled flight?

If you had to cancel your flight and now wish to rebook it, then you may choose the online method or the offline method. The online method requires customers to visit the official website of JetBlue Airlines, whereas the offline method requires calling customer service.

What if I miss my JetBlue flight?

If any customer misses their booked flight, then they may request a standby flight reservation. If there is another flight flying to the same destination within two hours of the original flight’s departure, then the airline may allow standby.

What are JetBlue Airlines' missed flight fees?

JetBlue Airlines understands that sometimes there is no other option than to miss/cancel our travel plans. Therefore, JetBlue does not usually charge any fees for missing flights. However, the reason for missing the flight or arriving late at the airport plays a major role.

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