How Do I Book Group Travel at JetBlue?

JetBlue Group Travel

How Do I Book Group Travel at JetBlue?

Do you have the wish to travel in a group? If yes, then you should go with JetBlue Airlines Group Travel. Go with this scenario of group travel and enjoy the trip with your loved ones about which you only dreamt. How to do JetBlue group Travel Booking? How to proceed with the procedure? Every question of these kinds that you possess can be settled down when you take the complete reading of this article.

Here, almost everything is highlighted regarding group travel with JetBlue. So take a look till the end without leaving any point in mid.

What is JetBlue Airways Group Travel?

JetBlue Airlines Group Travel is traveling in a group, and you must be 10 passengers minimally to be listed under this. Certain terms and conditions exist for groups traveling in JetBlue that one must know if they are traveling in a group with JetBlue. So, you should know about all of such terms and conditions.

Look at all of these rules below, and you can go ahead with JetBlue Group Travel without any hassle.

  • To become eligible for JetBlue Airways Group Travel, you must be 10 in number. So, if you are, proceed with the flight booking, make the payment, and receive the confirmation of your booking.
  • If you want to reserve a seat for yourself, you need to pay $5o individually at least 30 days before the scheduled flight booking.
  • When a person is traveling alone from their group, JetBlue will consider it as an individual booking.
  • You can take advantage of JetBlue Group Travel by traveling on the same flight that departs from the same place to the same destination.
  • Your group booking won’t get confirmed until and unless you pay $50 for each traveler at least 14 days before the flight’s departure.
  • If your plan is still temporary or you are uncertain, then you can cancel this booking within 7 days from the booking time.

Different Types of Groups Traveling on JetBlue

Multiple choices are given to everyone when they want to travel in a group with their friends, family, and business partners. You can choose which category to come in and proceed with JetBlue Airways group Travel booking. Here are the various types of booking given that are present under JetBlue Group travel.

Leisure groups

  • A group of 10 travelers or more can travel under this segment. So it can be any group like sports, family, and relatives. It doesn’t matter what kind of group you are; you can receive customized fare for group traveling.
  • Regarding domestic flights, you should make the JetBlue Flight booking 30 days before the departure. In comparison, it becomes 60 days when International comes into the picture.
  • Fill out the JetBlue Group Travel form by navigating their website to travel at least 60 days in advance.

Meeting Travel

  • Under this section of traveling with JetBlue Group Travel, you have the right to change the passenger’s names for unlimited times.
  • The ticket fare under this segment is quite minimal.
  • Every passenger needs to pay $50 for confirmation before you complete your flight booking.
  • The passenger will get at least 10% confirmation of the seat at least 60 days before the scheduled departure of the flight.

Incentive group

All the massive companies used this section of JetBlue Group Travel to send their employees on trips. In this, there is no number of limited passengers present who can go on a trip. It is pretty flexible and convenient.

  • You can move ahead anytime to alter the name of the passenger.
  • All the meeting attendees will get great value for the money on the go.
  • A deposit of $50 from every person is needed to confirm JetBlue Group travel.
  • Airlines permit 10% deviations at no extra charges.
  • You are only liable to pay the difference in the fare.
  • Furthermore, you also get the JetBlue group travel discount on the booking that you made for the group.

If you are traveling domestically, you should pay the balance within 30 days from the scheduled departure of the flight.

Family group

Family groups can also travel by making JetBlue Group Travel Booking. The one condition is that there should be one adult member in the family. You can make this request booking by marking your presence on their official website. When you get done with this, one of the team members from the airlines will revert in a few business days. They will provide you with the fare quote for your trip and help you in resolving any issues that you have.

Steps to book JetBlue Airways Group Travel

If you are a group looking for a ward to have a trip with each other, then you should know about the JetBlue group travel. Here is a detailed description of the methods through which someone can make JetBlue Airways Group Travel bookings.

Look below at both the ways that can make it possible for you to travel together.

By Online way

You can go with this method for quickly making the booking. Perform it from anywhere, no matter if you are sitting at your home or somewhere else. It will take only a few minutes, so complete it without hassle.

  • Go to the official website of JetBlue Airlines to begin the process of Group Travel.
  • Then, enter the right credentials to get into your account.
  • Tap on the advance option to move ahead on Group travel with JetBlue Airways.
  • Now, fill up the names of the destinations you want to a visit along with your complete group.
  • Select on the Search icon.
  • Right next to it, look for the JetBlue flight to travel in a group to your destination.
  • On the appearing window, you need to enter all the necessary information about your group.
  • Choose the payment mode and then proceed further to conclude the booking.
  • Finish the payment and have the confirmation of JetBlue Group Booking.

By Offline way

It is the most reliable method to do anything, as someone else from the side of the airline will take care of the concern that you are having. They will complete the task for which you are longing. So, let’s take a look at the step-by-step guide to making the booking for your group with JetBlue.

  • The foremost step in the segment of offline booking is to dial the official contact number of JetBlue Airlines, i.e., 1-888-538-2583. You can fetch this number from the official website of this carrier.
  • Then you get connected on the call where you can talk with the customer care representative of JetBlue Airlines.
  • Right after this, you can hear the automated voice introduced by the carrier that guides you with genuine instructions.
  • Go with the right number to connect with the live person of JetBlue Airlines.
  • Once you are connected with one of the customer care members of JetBlue, let them know about the destination where you want to have a visit with your group.
  • Now, you are entitled to share all the required details about each group member to make this flight booking.
  • End the process by making the payment by the method that is convenient for you.

In case you feel the need for some more information regarding JetBlue Group Travel, immediately dial the customer care number of this carrier. They will help and be with you until and unless you feel satisfied.

Get JetBlue Group Travel Discounts for Extra Savings!

When you are enjoying traveling with your partners, you always wonder whether you can grab some discounts on your JetBluegroup Travel. It is worth it as you reserve 10 people at once. You all should remember that there is not something like a group travel discount exists. This carrier doesn’t offer any kind of discount when traveling in a group. And they can’t lower your fares as well on group booking flights.

Hence, it is suggested that you make regular visits to stay updated with the fare for Airlines Group Travel. On the other hand, if you need assistance anytime regarding group travel with JetBlue, call the customer care of this airline without any hesitation, and they’ll help you out.

Benefits of Group Travel with JetBlue Airways

Certain benefits are present that are attained by everyone when they are proceeding with JetBlue Airlines Group Travel reservations. Take a look at these benefits for once:

Cost savings

One of the most beneficial perk of making JetBlue Group Booking is less service fees. This airline always aims for the convenience of the passengers; thus, they reduce the cost and make it budget-friendly for everyone.

Coordination at ease

It sometimes emerges as a challenge when you seek coordination between teams, but with the help of a group booking facility, the entire process becomes smoother. Group Booking makes sure that all the passengers of a group will come to a single place to travel to the same destination.

A simple process of customization

JetBlue provides you the upper hand to customize the group travel according to your needs and will so that you can have an experience that is worth remembering.


Save yourself from hassle and enjoy by managing your entire journey while staying at a single place, from flight booking to seating choices.

Final Words

All you need to know to do Airlines Group Travel remains in this article. Pay attention to every point mentioned here, and you are good to go with your group, whether with friends or family. Furthermore, you can call the airlines if you face any issues or seek assistance. Get their customer care number from their website and dial it to connect with one of the live people from their side.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Book Group Travel at JetBlue?

Several ways present through which you can proceed with JetBlue Group Travel booking. But the most convenient are two, i.e., by official website and by calling the airline.

What does group mean on JetBlue?

The group represents the number of passengers you have along with yourself. You can only become eligible for JetBlue Group Travel when you have 10 or more passengers. No matter what kind of trip you are heading, it can be either a meeting trip or a leisure one.

How much is the JetBlue customer service fee?

JetBlue Group Travel doesn’t show up any amount as customer service fee. It mainly depends on the group that you have for your traveling.

Does JetBlue allow us to sit in a group?

There is no guarantee that you will be sitting together. To ensure that you sit with your group, you should go ahead with the flight booking in advance.

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