Southwest Change Flight

Southwest Change Flight

Southwest Change Flight

Do you ever randomly start looking for tickets to your dream destination, and you find a super cheap flight? However, the only thing that is stopping you from booking that particular flight is whether you will be free that weekend or not. In such cases, it is recommended to book the flight either way because Southwest Change Policy allows all customers to change their flight tickets before the departure of the scheduled flight.

As you read the blog further, you will learn more about the policy of Southwest change flight, the methods, the fees associated with making changes, and much more. Please read the blog carefully and till the end to understand the policy in detail. However, if you feel stuck or are unable to understand any section, please feel free to speak to a Southwest Change Flight expert by directly calling +1-800-435-9792 or +1-833-918-2006.

Southwest Flight Change Policy

Before you begin to make changes to your existing Southwest flight ticket, you must know what the Southwest Airlines change flight policy states. This would help you make a wiser decision and avoid any unwanted surprises like change fees during the process. So, read the below points now:

  • Passengers making changes to their flight tickets may do so without paying any change fee.
  • However, if the new flight costs more than the original flight, then the passenger is liable to pay the fare difference.
  • Passengers can change their existing flight reservation up to 10 minutes before the flight is set to depart.
  • Southwest Airlines flight change is possible even if you have already checked in.
  • In case the earlier ticket that you booked was non-refundable, you may change your flight and upgrade it to a refundable ticket.
  • Flyers must make modifications to their flight by using the online method, phone call method, or by visiting the ticket counter at the airport.
  • However, this rule is applicable only to those who booked their Southwest ticket through the official website, customer service, or at the airport counter.
  • If you booked your ticket through a travel agency, please get in touch with them to make changes to your flight.

Different methods to change flights- Southwest

To ensure a smooth and easy Southwest Change Flight process, the airline provides various methods to all customers. These methods include the online method, the phone call method, changing by Mobile app, and going to the ticket counter at the airport.

Customers are free to choose any method that they feel comfortable with. The detailed guide and steps for all are mentioned below. So, start reading!


The online method requires the passenger to visit the official website of Southwest Airlines. The changes can be made in a few easy steps; however, having a stable internet connection is important to avoid any hindrance. Follow the steps given below to get started:

  • Firstly, navigate your preferred web browser to the official website of Southwest Airlines.
  • Secondly, enter your username and password to log in to your Southwest account.
  • Thirdly, open your trips and click on the flight reservation that you wish to modify.
  • Now, click on Change or Cancel.
  • In the next step, you will be asked to enter details of the existing ticket, like the passenger’s last name and the booking confirmation number.
  • Then, as per your schedule, check alternate flights that are available for your destination.
  • Remember to check the prices of the Southwest tickets, as sometimes, when they are filling fast, they tend to get expensive.
  • Click on your desired flight and follow the on-screen prompts to continue booking the reservation.
  • Make the payment with your preferred mode.
  • Finally, you will receive your updated itinerary in your mail.


If you want to go for the most convenient and traditional way of changing your flight, then calling the customer care agent is your answer. The step-by-step guide to do so is given below:

  • First, call the customer service phone number +1-800-435-9792 or +1-833-918-2006.
  • The second step is to carefully listen to the IVR instructions and press the respective key for Southwest Change Flight.
  • Third, please patiently wait for the representative to answer your call.
  • Fourth, explain to the agent that you want to make changes to your reservation.
  • Fifth, provide all the necessary ticket details, like the confirmation number and last name of the passenger.
  • The sixth step is to provide the details of the new flight, like the date and destination.
  • Seventh, choose a flight from the alternate flights that the agent will provide to you.
  • Eighth, confirm the new flight to the representative and proceed to make the payment.
  • Ninth, your Southwest Change Flight process will be completed once the payment is made.
  • Tenth, you will receive the updated itinerary on your registered email.


Customers who are out traveling and do not have access to a laptop may change their flight through the mobile app as well. The steps are:

  • On your smartphone, open the Play Store/ App Store and download the ‘Southwest Airlines app.
  • Now, go through the app options and click on the ‘Change’ option.
  • Enter your full name (first and last), along with the confirmation number that you received in the email.
  • Click on the flight that you wish to modify, and have a look at the alternate flights available.
  • Choose the flight that best suits your purpose, and go ahead to book it.
  • Make the fare difference payment, if any.
  • Your Southwest flight change process is complete.

Southwest Flight Change Fees

Unlike other major airlines that charge a change fee to their passengers, Southwest does it all for free. You read it right! There are no flight change fees for either Domestic or International Southwest Flights.

Southwest Airlines understands that sometimes an emergency can cause disruptions in plans. To ensure a smooth and hassle-free flight change process, passengers can make free changes.

However, when you change a flight, if the new flight costs more than the previous flight, you are liable to pay the fare difference. You don’t have to worry about any charges, as no other charges are applied to any passenger, no matter the reason for the change.

Southwest Airlines Flight Change 24-hour Policy

Sometimes, passengers choose to make changes to their booked flight within 24 hours of booking it. This happens either because an urgent, unavoidable event came up or because the passenger is getting a lower-fare flight.

Either way, Southwest Airlines allows customers to make changes in their booked flight free of cost within the first 24 hours of purchasing their ticket. This means that you don’t need to pay any change fee while making modifications to your ticket.

However, if you wish to cancel your ticket altogether, you must visit the official website of Southwest Airlines and read the Cancellation Policy. Or, you may directly call the Customer Service phone number +1-800-435-9792 or +1-833-918-2006 and speak to a live person at the airline.

Southwest Airlines Same Day Flight Change

The complete step-by-step process to make changes to your Southwest flight on the same day is:

  • First, enter your ticket confirmation number that is present in the email.
  • Passengers can also find the same by clicking the ‘Manage Reservation’ section.
  • Second, check the flights that are available and the seats as well.
  • Third, once you find the flight that suits your budget and purpose, go ahead and book it.
  • Lastly, you will receive an email confirmation with your new flight’s boarding pass.


Southwest Change Flight process is simple and hassle-free, as the steps to make modifications are general. Now, customers can change their flight’s date or time instead of canceling their flight altogether. In case you have any queries, please get in touch with the Customer Service agent at +1-800-435-9792 or +1-833-918-2006.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Southwest Airlines allow modifications?

Customers who have booked a Southwest flight can change their existing flight ticket. They may do so by the online, customer service, or mobile app method.

What is the change fee for an international Southwest flight?

Lucky for passengers, Southwest Airlines does not charge any change fee for domestic or international flights.

Does Southwest have a 24-hour change policy?

Yes. Southwest Change Flight policy allows passengers to make changes to their existing ticket within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket. The passengers are not liable to pay any change fee.

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