Southwest Airlines Multi City Flights

Southwest Multi City Flights

Southwest Airlines Multi City Flights

Are you a keen traveler who is looking forward to exploring a few cities at once? Are you worried that your budget may make that trip difficult? Not anymore! Thanks to Southwest Multi City option, you can now sit back and relax.

As the name suggests, Southwest Airlines provides customers with a chance to meet new people, eat new cuisines, and explore new cultures at once, in just a minimal amount. With this program, customers can now visit more than two places under one ticket, and that too at very low prices.

So, if you want to finish your travel bucket list, then Southwest Airlines multi city flights is your ultimate stop. Now, without any further delay, let’s start to understand how Southwest Airlines multi city feature works and how to book it.

Southwest Airlines Multi City: An Overview

Sitting on a flight for long hours is a tiring and stressful situation. Especially when the long-haul flight contains several layovers. Therefore, to make long flights easier for the customers, Southwest multi city feature comes to the rescue.

Southwest Airlines Multi City Bookings is an easy procedure that is accessible in both online and offline modes. Additionally, there are a number of benefits that multi city flights bring to the table. So, let’s understand how these flights work.

Southwest Multi City Reservations – Steps for Flights Booking

The airline provides customers with the chance to choose their preferred method of making bookings. Both the offline and online methods of reservations are easy and convenient. Detailed step-by-step instructions for both methods are given in the following sections. Please read them carefully, and follow the instructions to book your multi city flights today!

Book Southwest Flights Online for Multiple Cities

The online method of making bookings is hassle-free and quick. Please ensure you have a laptop/desktop and a stable internet connection. Moreover, please keep all your itinerary details handy to ensure the session doesn’t expire.

The steps to book multi city flights with Southwest Airlines are given below.

  • On your preferred web browser, visit Southwest Airlines’ official website.
  • Then, click on ‘Log In’.
  • Please enter your credentials, such as username and password, to log in.
  • Now, from the booking section, click on ‘Multi City flights.’
  • Carefully enter the itinerary details, such as arrival, departure location, dates, number of passengers, and more.
  • In the next step, please enter the passenger details and their ID proofs.
  • Now, search for the flights that are available as per your itinerary plans.
  • From the number of options, select a flight that suits your purpose of traveling.
  • Once you have selected a flight, follow the on screen prompts and go to the payment option.
  • Select a payment method and make the payment successfully.
  • Finally, you will receive your multi city booking confirmation on your email address shortly.
  • That’s it; your Southwest Airlines Multi City flights are booked.

Book Multi City Offline

The offline method is also called the traditional method of booking reservations. This procedure requires the customers to give a call to Southwest customer service to make bookings. Customers are advised to keep their itinerary details handy to ensure quick and smooth booking.

Please follow the steps below to book Southwest Airlines multi-city flights.

  • Firstly, dial the official Southwest customer service phone number: 1 (800) 435-9792 or 1 (833) 930-2006.
  • Several IVR instructions will play now. Please listen to them carefully and press the appropriate key.
  • Secondly, when a Southwest agent answers your call, explain to them that you want to make a multi city booking.
  • Thirdly, please provide the agent with all your itinerary details.
  • These details may include arrival and departure airports, destinations, dates of travel, number of passengers, and more.
  • The agent will then search for the flights that are available as per your itinerary.
  • From the options available, select a flight that best suits your purpose of flying and budget.
  • After selecting a suitable flight, move toward the payment method.
  • Lastly, select your preferred method of payment and make the payment successfully.
  • Finally, once the payment is successful, you will receive your e-tickets on your registered email address.

Why choose Southwest Multi City Flights?

There are multiple benefits of flying multi city with Southwest Airlines. If you’re someone who loves traveling and exploring new places, then you should definitely go ahead with this feature. Read the points given below to understand how these flights are a must.

  • Saves Money: Booking multi city flights is cheaper than booking direct flights to your destination. Therefore, you get to travel more with multi-city features and in a minimal amount.
  • Travel More: This feature allows customers to combine their trips into one, leading to more adventure and less money. You can tick off many of your bucket list destinations by booking flights with Southwest multi-city.
  • Business Benefits: If you’re someone who has an international business, then you must be tired of spending hours on one flight. Therefore, the multi-city feature allows you to explore new places even when you’re on business.
  • Hassle-Free: Traveling internationally is always a stressful situation because of the long hours in flight. Multi City flights give you multiple breaks and a chance to experience new adventures.


Every traveler who wishes to explore the world always worries about budget and time. Thankfully, the Southwest Airlines Multi City feature takes away both of these worries and provides customers with an easy travel experience. To know more about this feature, please get in touch with a live person at Southwest Airlines. The official customer service phone number 1 (800) 435-9792 or 1 (833) 930-2006 is available 24*7 for all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Southwest provide multi city flights feature?

Yes. Southwest offers customers with a unique chance to travel to multiple cities under just one ticket. The feature has a lot of perks and advantages that customers can enjoy without any worries.

How to book Southwest multi city online?

The online method of booking tickets with Southwest is easy. You only have to visit the official website of Southwest, and book your ticket by following the on-screen prompts.

How to book Southwest multi city offline?

The offline method is the most convenient process of booking multi city tickets with Southwest. All you need to do is, call Southwest customer service agent on their official number and request to book a flight for you.

What are the benefits of Multi City flights?

There are several benefits of booking multi city flights with Southwest. These include cheap fares, combining multiple trips at once, business traveler perks, and more.

How to contact Southwest Airlines?

If you have any queries, or wish to talk to a live person at Southwest, then call 1 (800) 435-9792 or 1 (833) 930-2006.

+1(833) 930-2006