Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Spirit Airlines Seat Selection

Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Policy

The Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Policy allows the passengers to select their seats in advance in their respective travel classes. Depending on the seat availability, passengers can select their preferred seat anytime between flight bookings before the check-in process. The most of the travel classes, the seat booking is free. However, for some travel classes, a fee of USD 5 or higher is applicable for advance seat selection.

While for most of the travel class, the spirit seat selection fee can be USD 5, for the special seat in upper travel class, the seat selection fee can go up to USD 75 or even more (USD 250) if the passenger has upgraded to upper travel and prefer advance seat selection.

Although the majority of the passengers are comfortable with random seat allocation, the passengers traveling in groups might have a seat selection requirement to ensure they are seated together. Keeping this in mind, we have here discussed the Spirit Airlines Seat Selection policy, which includes spirit airlines seat selection price, how to select seats, and all important details regarding seat allocation. So read this blog to get more details on Spirit Airlines.

What is Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

Spirit Airlines’ seat selection policy comprises all the mandates set by the airlines regarding seat selection. Major pointers regarding the seat selection process of Spirit Airlines have been listed below:

Passengers of all travel classes can select their seats in advance. However, there is an applicable fee for the seat selection process in Spirit Flight. Free seat selection is available for passengers with different combos like BundleIT and BoostIT. For further details regarding free seat selection at Spirit flights, dial the airline’s helpline number (855-SAVE-555 /+1(833) 930-2006 )

The Spirit Airlines Seat Selection price might vary depending on the travel class, route, and location of the seat in the aircraft. For upper travel classes like First Class and Business, it might be higher.

The airlines offers to provide assistance for passengers with a kid of less than 13 years of age to get adjacent seats.

A seat selection window is available for the passenger between flight booking and check-in time. Unable to do the same in the given will lead to random allocation of seats by airlines.

How to Choose a Seat on Spirit Airlines 

Passengers can easily select their seat while booking the flight ticket, either during the check-in process or anytime between. However, passengers are advised to do the same during the flight booking, considering the seat availability. As the price for seat selection might vary, passengers can check the same through the official website under the section “My Trips.”

The seat selection process of Spirit Airlines varies depending on the fact that whether you are doing the same either 24 hours before or within 24 hours of the flight’s scheduled departure.

If you are trying to select a seat before the 24-hour time, you can select the option “Add” or “Modify” seats. However, seat selection during the 24-hour period is possible only during the online check-in.

The deadline for Spirit seat selection or check-in is 1.5 hours prior to the flight’s scheduled departure.

Different Seats Available on a Spirit Aircraft

In order to offer their passengers the maximum comfort level, Spirit Airlines offers various seats for different travel classes. Various seat types have been listed below:

  • Big Front Seats (For First Class and Business Class Passengers)
  • Deluxe leather seats.
  • Seats for Guests with disabilities.
  • Armrest seats.
  • Non-window and exit seats.
  • Aisle side and Galleys and Lavatories.

How Much Does Spirit Airlines Charge For Seat Selection?

For the standard ticket (base fare), the price of seat selection goes from USD 5. However, for premium seating like big fronts or deluxe leather seats, the price of selecting a seat in advance can be up to USD 75.

The price might also go higher in case the passenger is upgrading to upper travel class and selecting the seat of their preference.

What Happens if I do not select a seat during the Flight Booking

Any passengers who hasn’t selected their preferred seat will be assigned random seats during the check-in process. Whether or not to choose seating in advance is a choice totally in the hands of the passengers, which isn’t going to affect their flight reservation. Passengers who are comfortable with the random seats can go with the same.

What is the Spirit Airlines Seat Policy for the Children?

  • Spirit Airlines does not allow any children under the age of 7 days. Parents with children between 7 days and 24 months can accompany them on their lap or on a paid seat, which can be an FAA-approved car seat.
  • Children above the age of 24 months need to have booked a separate seat. Parents can make seat selections in advance. Otherwise, the authorities can assist them in finding an adjacent seat in the aircraft.
  • The following seats are restricted for children:
    • Exit Row Seats or the ones in behind or front of the exit row.
    • Inflatable seatbelt.

Airlines Policy for passengers with special needs (Priority Seats)

Spirit Airlines has reserved seats for passengers with a disability. Between 9-12 seats can be found in any Spirit Aircraft, which will assigned to the disabled passenger by the airlines only. Along with that, onboard wheelchairs are also available for those in need of them.

Extra Seat in Spirit Airlines

Passenger are also provided the option to choose the extra seat adjacent to their current seating. Passenger needs to purchase an extra seat during the flight booking process. Under the following conditions, the airlines offers the choice of booking an extra seat to the passengers:

  • Accompanying a guest.
  • Having trouble while sitting with the armrest down.
  • Passengers with disability who are unable to book a priority seat.
  • Passengers with large instruments, which can be either electronic, musical or even sports equipment.

Eligibility to Select an Exit Seat on Spirit Airlines

While passengers have the choice to select any seat in their respective travel class, the Exit seat can be selected by those who fit the following criteria:

  • Passengers need to be older than 15 years of age and physically fit in order to perform physical tasks without any assistance.
  • Should be able to understand and speak English fluently so that they can easily understand the emergency evacuation process and other oral commands in order to communicate effectively in case of an emergency.
  • Does not have any visual or hearing aids apart from specs or contact lenses.
  • Must not be accommodating any pets or children below 7 years of age.
  • It should not be a physical drawback that can be a hindrance for them in doing the physical tasks like opening exit gates in case of emergency.


The Seat Selection process of Spirit Airlines is simple and clear, with a minimum charge of USD 5, which might go higher in the case of passengers with upper travel class tickets. It is advisable for the passengers to confirm their seat selection as soon as possible considering the fact that seat might not be available during the time of check-in. While the best option for seat selection is online, you can do the same through the helpline number or by directly visiting the airport. For further details, you can connect with the Get Human Desk.

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Can you pick your seat on Spirit Airlines?

Yes, you can select your preferred seat on Spirit Airlines during the flight booking or anytime before check-in.

Will Spirit sit families together?

Spirit Airlines provides full assistance to parents with children below 13 years to get them seated adjacent to each other. However, it can be advisable for parents to make seat selections while traveling with kids.

How to bid on seats on Spirit Airlines?

Bidding on a preferred is available for the passenger when they upgrade to the upper travel class.

Is it free to pick seats on Spirit?

Spirit Airlines charges passengers an applicable fee for seat selection. However, seat selection is not mandatory for the passengers to pay, and they can opt for random seat allocation during their online check-in.

What happens if you don't pay for seats on Spirit?

Passengers who haven’t made advance seat selection will be randomly assigned during the online check-in. Random seat assignment is free of cost, and there won’t be any effect on the flight reservation if the passengers do not opt for the advance seat selection.

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